Seán Barna’s debut EP begins at the end. Rather than a narrative about love, Cutter Street is a story about the resurrection afterwards. Barna immediately makes that clear in the opening track of the same name. “In the end we go insane / When we find our common ground / What we need we take in vain / You should have thrown that bottle down.” Woah, Seán.

After a stint in California, the drummer-turned-songwriter returned to D.C. to celebrate this reawakening. The following album’s five ballads are related reflections on the booze, pills, and bar bathrooms that both destroyed a relationship and healed at least one of its victims. Barna’s intriguing Scottish accent augments the torturous immediacy of the singer’s pain.
— Tori Kerr, DCist,
Beautifully constructed melodies - the kinds that soar and pound and give you chicken-skin upon first listen. Dammit, DC’s own ‘slutty folk’ solo artist Seán Barna proves he’s got it in him. On his first publicly released single (yes, seriously, this is the first) we hear the plea of a broken self-numbing narrator to a lost lover. Not exactly new modern folk territory, but it goes down smooth and slightly bitter as the bourbon-ginger in his lyrics.
— 9:30 CLUB, Washington, D.C. //