Seán Barna and the Monogamists

Drag Queen Jesus Saint Tour

11/16: Blacksburg, VA
11/17: Nashville, TN
11/18: Raleigh, NC
11/19: Chapel Hill, NC
11/26: Richmond, VA
11/29: Washington, DC


"One of the most sublime and beautiful opening sets in Outlaw Roadshow history. You never know where brilliance will find you which is why you always need to leave your heart open." -Ryan Spaulding, Ryan's Smashing Life


Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends

I don't think it's depression // I'm just honest, feathered, gone // I got my work cut out // You got your work cut out // I ain't seen the sky in a few months // But I have been sober for a few days // Unless you count, well, // You can't count that drive down from Colorado // Through Utah
You know the beer there is a little weaker // Until you get down to Arizona // Did you hear? They don't like faggots there // Or black motherfuckers
They shot 'em dead // Faggot motherfucker // He painted his nails red // He can burn

Go to a town // From the highway by your house // Don't think about what you might do if you don't get this job // Giving money away to the things you thoughts you might get one day // But you didn't - you put it down on plastic // Put it down on plastic // You can cut your pretty powders with plastic // And fold your newspaper // There's not a goddamn thing you can do anyway // You know they're out on the streets // Oh, they're out on the streets // You know that black motherfucker is out on the streets // He ain't got your job because his name ain't right // My dad said he can't be trusted // And I'm white so I think maybe it isn't up to me

And I hate cops // But when I do, they don't kill me

But I sometimes wish they would kill me // Because you're all fake and you don't give a shit // Fuck you and your famous friends // And your voice ain't that good now anyway // If I'm honest you know // And have you cried listening to Lou Reed's Berlin? // Well I have // Well I have

Cause I left a piece of me up in Berghain // You know a straight motherfucker said my name // All these straight motherfuckers // All these straight motherfuckers // All these straight motherfuckers // All these straight motherfuckers // You know I just took your order // You could at least look me in the eye // You can say "hi" because I said, "hello" // I even smiled // I even smiled in the know // I am some other places I would like to go // I haven't called my mother in days // And my brother's been dead for years // And my dad and I are really starting to make some progress
But anyway would you like some fries and maybe a salad // And the juice bar is just across the street // It's just across the street // It's just across the street // You straight motherfucker // It's just across the street

My friends have been touring the world // Those straight motherfuckers // Their pictures doing things they wouldn't really ever do // Their pictures of doing things they really wouldn't ever do // Their pictures doing things they wouldn't really ever do // They are doing things they wouldn't really ever do // Doing things that straight motherfuckers do // Doing things that straight motherfuckers do // Doing things that straight motherfuckers // Don't be a straight motherfucker // Just be you



Seán Barna is a musician living in Washington, D.C.

Seán has toured nationally and internationally, as a songwriter and as the drummer/percussionist for The Chris Walker Band and The Producers: a Mel Brooks Musical. He has become a regular performer with The Outlaw Roadshow, a music showcase curated by Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Ryan Spaulding of music blog Ryan's Smashing Life, and was featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum's performance series at the Luce Center.

Music from his debut EP, Cutter Street, has been featured by Ryan's Smashing Life, as well as the world-famous 9:30 ClubChurch Night, DCist, and Washington City Paper

His most recent single, "Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends," was released in July of 2015.