Pictures of an Exhibitionist

Seán Barna


"Barna managed to put on one of the most sublime and beautiful opening sets in Outlaw Roadshow history. You never know where brilliance will find you which is why you always need to leave your heart open."
-Ryan Spaulding, Ryan's Smashing Life

Seán Barna is a musician from Washington, D.C. living in Brooklyn, NY. His debut LP, Pictures of an Exhibitionist, is due out 2017.

Seán has toured nationally and internationally, as a songwriter and as the drummer/percussionist for Deaf West Theatre's Los Angeles production of Spring Awakening, The Chris Walker Band, and The Producers: a Mel Brooks Musical. He has become a regular performer with The Outlaw Roadshow, a music showcase curated by Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Ryan Spaulding of music blog Ryan's Smashing Life, and was featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum's performance series at the Luce Center.

Music from his debut EP, Cutter Street, has been featured by Ryan's Smashing Life, as well as the world-famous 9:30 ClubChurch Night, Chunky Glasses, DCist, and Washington City Paper

His most recent single, "Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends," was released in September of 2015. 




by Seán Barna

Cutter Street

by Seán Barna

Debut EP, released September 2014